Runners Hill Workout

One Minute Hill Reps | Hill Interval Workout 

Here’s a good Hill Interval Session! To tailor it to suit your current fitness level you can adjust the amount of reps you do, the rest time in between each rep, or the gradient of the hill itself.

Beginner (or first time ever doing hill reps) I’d recommend:

  • 4 x 1 Minute Reps
  • 2 to 2.5 Minutes Rest 


  • 6 x 1 Minute Reps
  • 1.5- 2 Minutes Rest


  • 8 x 1 Minute Reps
  • 1-1.5 Minute Rest


  1. Make sure to warm up: Super important! Whenever you’re doing any high intensity run training session do a 15 Minute easy run first to warm up, as well as any stretches to loosen up. This will prevent niggles, injury, and improve recovery.
  1. Consistency is key: It’s tempting to go ‘all out’ that first rep when you are feeling super fresh and enthusiastic! Try to temper that just a little and hold back that first couple of reps. We’re looking for nice even execution across all reps, the middle to end section everything will catch up and you’ll be working hard! 
  1. Rhythm: Look to find your rhythm that is maintainable across not only the rep your on- but across all reps you are doing.
  1. Where to Train: As mentioned above find a hill that you are comfortable with. If you’re starting out it can even be more of a slope than a hill. You can’t get it wrong, OK! 

Find a runnable hill- Either a gravel/forestry road, or normal tarseal. Not a technical single trail for this particular one.

The Session

  1. Warm up
    1. 15 Minutes Easy Running to warm up, then
    2. Any loosen up stretching you like to do
  2. One Minute Hard Effort Running Up your chosen hill. Think 7-9 out of 10!
  3. Then rest/walk/jog back down for your chosen rest period
  4. Repeat the amount of reps that suit your current level
  5. Once completed do another 10-15 Mins easy running to cool down, and flush the session out of your legs
  6. A good Static Stretch Session or Yin Yoga is a good idea either directly afterwards or sometime in the same day.


Here’s the video of me talking about 8 x 1 Minute Hill Reps, feel free to check it out!


It takes a while to get used to gauging effort level with any interval type session, so don’t be hard on yourself if you went out way too hard at the start, then struggle to close out the session- or even have to stop because you’ve cooked yourself! That is all part of the journey OK. This is how we learn.

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