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Free CMF Run Coaching


This is for $150 worth of FREE Coaching with the team at CMF Running

What you get:

  • 2 weeks free scheduled training
  • Includes free coach call on Zoom
  • Heart rate and pace training zones set
  • Delivered on Training Peaks – Syncs with your watch
  • after joining for $0.00 we’ll be in touch via email with next steps
  • No CC details or hidden terms (see more below)


The best way for us to show you how awesome it is to be run coached is by giving it away for free! CMF, stands for Custom Made Fitness,  every individual is different in terms of what they need to get the best out of their running, so it makes sense that we DONT use cookie cutter training plans or a broad stroke one size fits all approach. We customise every program and approach to suit every individual. This ensures you the best outcome when it counts!

All levels welcome, beginner runner to sub elite athlete 🤙

We’re full time Run Coach’s, we literally depend on the success of our runners and athletes that we coach. Look forward to getting to know you- scroll back up and go through checkout process and see you on the other side!

Once you’ve completed the 2 weeks free coaching we’ll both know whether its a fit for you 🙂