Everyday Athlete

$50.00 / week

A Fully Custom Run Plan tailored to your Schedule and Level, for an affordable price.

  • Custom Run Plan
  • 6 Weekly- 1:1 Coach Session
  • Training Monitored + Feedback
  • Free Training Peaks Premium
  • Direct Coach Messaging on Training Peaks
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What this plan looks like:

First, we have a free Coach Call on Zoom, Here we discuss everything about your running journey to date, your available times to train, your short and long-term goals etc. We will get to know each other- there is no rush, we are embarking on a Journey- hopefully a fun and epic one!

You then set up Training Peaks, and link your Watch and Training Peaks account to our Coaching Account. It’s easy peezy and we’ll help you through that process if needed.

Within 1-2 Days you’ll be following your plan. Your watch (Garmin, Coros, Polar, Suunto etc) syncs with Training Peaks both ways, which is super cool for Interval and varied-paced runs- you just follow the prompts! After you finish your sessions they upload to Training Peaks, where you can provide any relevant comments on that workout.

From there we get into a rhythm, and we have our One on One Coach Sessions on Zoom approximately every 6 Weeks. This is where we review your upcoming Training and Key sessions from the previous block + answer any questions that you might have- No more googling and getting 50 different answers! The cool thing about our monthly coach sessions is that you will learn how to train, and because we provide you with Free Training Peaks Premium- you’ll have access to all the charts to review your personal runs and data.

We update your plan generally in 1-4 week blocks depending on where you’re at in your cycle eg- if you have a niggle we might shorten the window, if you’re in recovery post-race we might lengthen the window. We keep an eye on your training and if we notice anything unusual then we will check on you to see if you’re ok.

The awesome thing about getting 1:1 ongoing coaching is we can adapt your plan to suit all different circumstances throughout the year, things like Changes in work schedule, niggles, long weekends, under the weather, etc. It’s far superior to following a Plan that’s already made out. This plan is FOR YOU!

At different times of your annual training, if you wish, you can move into different areas of our coaching setup. If you want more 1:1 help coming into your ‘A Race’ you can upgrade to our $60 per week coaching option in order to get that extra help. If you want to chill for a while you can drop back into our Plans Unlimited ($20pw) or the Crew Annual Membership ($30 per year). It’s all about what we can do for you at different times of the year. We want to help you reach your running goals!