Custom Made Rebuild

$90.00 / week

  • Custom Run Plan ~ Optimized
  • Regular 1:1 Coach Sessions
  • Training Monitored + Feedback
  • Free Training Peaks Premium
  • Direct Coach Messaging on TP
  • Access to Strength Coaching
  • Access to Running Form Coaching
  • Access to Health Coaching

On our Custom Made Rebuild Coaching tier, you can access help with your Running form, 1:1 Strength Sessions, and Health Coaching

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What this plan looks like:

This plan is the same as our $60pw Plan except you can access additional extras from our team of CMF Partnered Professionals.

  • Strength and/or Stretch with Charlotte Milne- 1:1 via Zoom
  • Physio/Running form Consultations with Paul White (available in person in Auckland and Online NZ Wide)
  • Health Coaching with Kim Moffat- 1:1 via Zoom

If you want to have a no-obligation talk with us about your running and this plan, then please book a call here.