$60 per week

$60.00 / week

Take your Run Training Journey to the next level! You want optimization, you’re a seasoned campaigner with a busy season ahead, or, you’ve just signed up for something that scares you! This plan is for you.

  • Fully Custom Run Plan, Optimised to your Ability, Schedule, & Races
  • Strength & Mobility Programme
  • Monthly 1:1 Coach Sessions with Your Run Coach
  • Free Training Peaks Premium
  • Direct One-on-One Coach Messaging/Emailing
  • All Your Training is Monitored + Feedback given where needed
  • Pace Planning for all Key Sessions & Races

Feel free to book a Discovery Call with us here to see if this Plan is right for you!

Otherwise, hit ‘SIGN ME UP’ see you on the other side!

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What this plan looks like:

First, we have a free video call consult to start the journey. Here we discuss everything about your running journey to date, your available times to train, your short and long-term goals etc. We will get to know each other- there is no rush, we are embarking on a Journey- hopefully a fun and epic one lol!

You then set up Training Peaks, and link your Watch and Training Peaks account to our Coaching Account. It’s easy peezy and we’ll help you through that process if needed.

Within 1-2 Days you’ll be following your plan. Your watch (Garmin, Coros, Polar, Suunto etc) syncs with Training Peaks both ways, which is super cool for Interval and varied paced runs- you just follow the prompts! After you finish your sessions they upload to Training Peaks, where you can provide any relevant comments on that workout. Your Coach can also see your completed sessions and provide feedback if necessary.

What sets this plan apart from the $40 per week plan is that we monitor your training closely and provide feedback in real time, so you get to receive the benefits of maximum optimization straight away. We provide exact pace guidance for key sessions and all races, and are available anytime to direct 1:1 message.** 

We meet by Video Call once every month to go over your training and specific key sessions- plus we can deep dive on questions you might have relating to gear and nutrition. We monitor your sessions weekly and provide feedback on where you can improve. We go on a journey together basically!

The awesome thing about getting 1:1 Ongoing Coaching is we can adapt your plan to suit all different circumstances throughout the year, things like: Changes in work schedule, niggles, long weekends, under the weather etc. It’s far superior than following a Plan that’s already made out. This plan is FOR YOU!

At different times of your Annual Training, if you wish, you can move into different areas of our Coaching Set up. If you want less 1:1 help you can drop down to $40 per week, or if you’re not racing at all you can drop into our annual Run Club membership for $30 per year- tick away on some maintenance plans and support the community! It’s all about what we can do for you at different times of the year. We want to help you reach your running goals!

If you want to talk to us about your running then please book a call here.

**On the $40pw plan we’re not available for 1:1 message support & we’re not monitoring your training on a daily basis. Monitoring your training & providing pacing guidance for key sessions and races we can still do of course- but inside the time allocated for our Monthly 1:1 Zoom Calls. So if you’d like our additional time inputs for these enhancements then this $60pw plan is for you!