Have you plateaued?
Do you struggle to hold pace and close out your races?
Have you just signed up to that event that scares you?
Do you want to reach your highest potential as an Athlete?
Perhaps regular niggles or injury are preventing consistency?

Whatever your reason, WELCOME!

Putting together a great race - whether a 5k PB, a fast Road Marathon, or a 100 Mile Endurance Run, requires much more than a generic run plan & a bit of hype.

Take the guesswork out of your Training and save your brain power for Running.
It's time to hand over the reins!



We offer 1:1 Run Coaching, designed to provide you with the highest optimum outcome, and peak performance when you need it most.


We deliver your bespoke plan and analysis on Training Peaks, the world's #1 endurance training platform. Here, we're able to maximize the benefits of that great piece of technology that we all wear on our wrists! These training techniques that were once only available to top-level elite athletes are now available to all of us.


We build your training around your schedule and availability, and you can expect the sessions to be appropriate to the level of running that you’re at.


We believe that training mix and training balance are super important, so all our Plans include strength & mobility work if needed.

1:1 run coaching

Our Run Coaches


Chris Lucas

With a lifetime of Running already behind me, my Run Coaching specific story started in 2019 when I started doing some work with my now Coaching Mentor Dr Will O’Connor.

charlotte profile shot

Charlotte Milne

Strength Coaching since 2018, I have in recent years also grown into Run Coaching as CMF Running has continued to grow into what it is today! 


Kim Moffat

Running has been a part of my life even before I started running! As a young girl growing up in the late 70’s I watched my Dad race many events.

How It Works

To start- we have your Free Consult Video Call, where we’ll get to know each other a little.
This is important as it’s great to see if we gel right!?

You can expect this initial Consult to take 30-45 Minutes. We’ll dive deep and discuss all matters of your running

Topics covered but not limited to include:
- Running & Training History
- Current Running Routine
- Your Schedule, & Outside of Training Pressure Points
- Running & Race Goals- Short/Mid/Long Term
- Current or Historic Injury/Niggles
- Training Peaks Orientation- what to expect.

In a matter of days, you will be following your Scheduled Sessions and we’ll be on the Journey!

You do your best to work through the sessions that we prescribe, but no ‘beat ups’ if life happens ok.

If you need accountability and pushing- we will push you, if you need us to lower the bar because life pops up, we will do that. There’s no cookie cutting here.

It’s all about working with what is presented in life as we journey along. This is one of the key differences between being Coached vs just following a random plan!

Depending on the level of Ongoing Coaching you choose, you can expect that we will be looking at your Training, providing Feedback where applicable, making Adjustments where needed, providing Pacing Plans for upcoming Events, and that we’ll be meeting regularly for our Coach Calls on Zoom, where we review your Training and talk about your running.

All Training Prescribed is appropriate to you, the individual. We ensure this process as every Runner that comes into our realm has their individual Pace & Heart Rate Zones set for them. No random Maf minus blah blah stuff here, or setting Zones based off a single 5k time. We set your Training Zones based off our own Lactate Threshold sessions & from your historic Training Data. This ensures accurate prescription of Training (no Junk!) that continually evolves as you yourself evolve!



We have a very diverse group of Clients- both in Age, Cultural Background, and Location! We have some fast crews in their early 20’s smashing Road Races, and we have some self-confessed ‘Wise Plodders’ banging out Trail Ultras- and everyone in between!

One characteristic that is common with most of our Group is that they are competitive with themselves and their peers.
They want to reach their full potential regardless of whether they're a ‘Mid Packer’ going for a PB in a Half Marathon, or a ‘Front Runner’ going for a Podium in a Mountain Ultra.

Our Clients that we see have the best results are the individuals that set their goals with our guidance, who methodically move through the sessions prescribed, who use the feedback tools available, and who attend their scheduled Coach Calls. Really important is that you Trust the Process! Engaging a Coach can be a scary thing for some. For many of us, we have self-Coached for many years, so what possibly can you gain you might be asking!? Well, the one thing we hear from many Clients after a while is: ‘I had no idea how good being Coached is!

So, it is a process. It’s a process of Trust, a process of letting go, and a process of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable! Like anything new in life there’s adjustment. We’re here to support you on that journey.


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