Do you coach Triathlon?

No, we have made a conscious decision to specialize in Run Coaching only. To this end we’ve got you covered for Any Surface, Any Distance! 5k PB right up to Multi Day Ultra. We can however work in with a Coaching Partner in our network in the event you’re primarily a runner who on occasion wants to randomly do a Triathlon!

Can I change my Coaching Level?

Yes, typically we just need up to 2 weeks notice when wanting to make that change. This is because we may have already built out week’s of your plan in advance.

Can I pause my Coaching Subscription?

Yes, typically we need 2 weeks notice in order to pause your subscription. You can pause for a minimum of 2 weeks. 

What type of Watch do I need in order to sync with Training Peaks?

You can train with us with no watch, although you will not get as much out of the training. Most devices sync with Training Peaks. Most of our Clients have either Coros or Garmin watches. Fit bits also sync with Training Peaks but only ‘one way’ from Watch to TP. I.e- Structured Workouts will not sync from TP to your Fitbit.

What if I get injured and am unable to Run?

What happens here is we change the focus of what we’re doing. Whether it means prescribing activities you can do to support your recovery, or more regular mentoring to help you navigate how to approach recovery. We work in with your physio plan in order to get you back to full training- Physio led recovery then becomes coach led recovery. With Coaching support through your return to running you are sure to maximize fitness with what you ‘can do’ as well as limit the chance of re-injury.

Are your plans flexible?

Yes. You are able to move your sessions to days that suit as we provide each of our clients with Training Peaks Premium. We will advise parameters on what’s suitable for you in terms of moving sessions. i.e., Stacking workouts/Playing Catchup is not advisable! 

Can I still do Group Runs or Weekend Adventures with my Friends!?

This is one of the number 1 reasons that people think they are ‘’un-coachable!’’ You can TOTALLY do Group Runs and Missions with your friends. If this is something you like to do then we will build this function into your Prescribed Sessions.

Can I buy just a Training Plan from you?

Short answer, No! If you are brand new to the CMF Crew then we’re not able to provide you just a Training Plan, as this will create more questions than answers for you, then there will be the perception that ‘Training doesn’t work.’ Our Core Value of everything we do here at CMF is centered around actually Coaching Runners to Success! However, once you have trained in our structure for some time then there is options around this sort of training. 

What’s the difference between you Group Coaching & your 1:1 Coaching?

With 1:1 Coaching every bit of your Prescribed Sessions is built around what is going to be best for you as an individual. We have 1:1 interactions and 1:1 Coach Sessions on Zoom.

Group Coaching is when you’re on the same plan essentially as everyone else Training for the same event. We do this for Auckland Marathon and Tarawera 50k. As part of this we do Group Coach & Strength Sessions, and have a FB Training Group particular to those events. If you’re 1:1 Coached you’re welcome to participate in the Group stuff too! 

What’s the difference between being Coached and Following a Training Plan that I download online?

Be careful when looking at Coaches in the online space. Many claim Coaching while giving little more than a Training Plan. With CMF Coaching you get real human support from your Coach! We look at your Training, we communicate regularly, and we have our Coach Sessions on Zoom where we talk about your Training and Races. If your not meeting with your Coach regularly to talk about your training, then your not being coached.

A Training Plan that you download online is a very broad stroke plan that will contain no specificity to you as an individual. Training Plans typically get out of shape very quickly as invariably what happens is ‘life pops up.’ Before you know it your second guessing what you need to do for your training. Often this leads to injury as there’s no Coach help to navigate the plan.

Can you help me with my Nutrition?

Yes, each CMF Coach can share with you what works for us both in the day to day aspect and within races. If you would like specific Nutrition/Health Coaching as part of your Training with us then you can do that with Coach Kim Moffat.

What is Training Peaks Premium?

This is the ‘paid version’ of Training Peaks. It brings to life the experience of being Coached using this tool. It opens up functionality such as notifications (important when we provide feedback), it allows you to view your run data, and move workouts. We cover your TP Premium Subscription for 1:1 & Group Coached Clients- valued at $20 per month.

What is your Health/Nutrition Coaching with Kim Moffat?

This is an extra service (on our $80pw tier) that you can get on top of your Run Coaching at any time you feel you need a little extra help. This is suitable in circumstances if you’re getting sick regularly from training, or you feel you just want to be optimized! Get in touch with us if you want to know more about this.

What is your Strength Training options with Charlotte Mile?

There’s a few different options on how to train with Char for your Strength: You can follow along for free on YouTube, you can do her Prescribed Strength Programme on our $60pw Coaching Tier, or you can have weekly 1:1 Sessions with her either in the $80pw Coaching Tier or by paying separate. Get in touch with us if you want to know more about this.

What is your Running Form & Physio Consults with Paul White?

Paul is a Running Form Specialist and Physio based in Central Auckland. He can assess your Running Form in person or online via Video. Often we will recommend this if we’re having ongoing challenges with niggles that aren’t responding to appropriate Run Loading, Strength, and Maintenance Protocols.

I don’t want to receive Coaching from CMF but how can I support the Coaching Team at CMF and be part of the Community?

Cool! Feel free to join our Annual Membership for $60 per year. For this you get access to all our Discount Partners, Members Only FB Group/Invites to Group Meet Ups/Events, plus your Contribution goes towards keeping our YouTube Content on the CMF & NZ Nomad Runner Channels FREE! We’d love to have you, You can Join Here 😊