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Get Ready to Power Up Your Running Performance with Char’s Runner’s Strength Series 2024!

By Charlotte Milne | May 10, 2024

Are you ready to kick your running up a notch with my Runner’s Strength Series 2024? Strength training is your superpower. A strong runner enjoys increased power and running efficiency,…

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Running My First 100 Mile Race

By Kim | May 2, 2024

At 3am on Saturday 20th April 2024 (after what felt like the longest TAPER week in my running history) I woke up with a sense of calm, excitement and absolute…

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Runaway Hormones – A Case Study on Training According to A Women’s Cycle

By Charlotte Milne | January 16, 2024

“Since aligning my training programme with my cycle, everything about my running has changed: my enjoyment, fitness and strength. I’m a fitter and faster runner, capable of so much more…

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Runaway Hormones – Nicky’s Story!

By Nicky White | January 16, 2024

I’m a 48-year-old Mum, not yet perimenopausal but waiting for the shoe to drop at any minute. My hormones have always ruled my life! I can honestly say that I…

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Lead in Races for Tarawera Ultra 2024

By Chris Lucas | November 9, 2023

Participating in an ultra marathon is a monumental feat which requires planning, and focused training. One of the key aspects of preparing for such a challenging race is looking at…

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Race Morning Prep for Auckland Marathon

By Chris Lucas | October 25, 2023

Race day morning is a culmination of weeks or months (or maybe years) of training and preparation. How you start your race day can significantly impact your performance. Proper race…

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Mental Skills for Racing Auckland Marathon

By Chris Lucas | October 23, 2023

Running a marathon is more than just a physical endeavor. It’s a mental battle that challenges your endurance, resilience, and determination. While the physical training aspect is crucial, honing in…

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Runners Strength Training: Where Do I Start?

By Charlotte Milne | June 18, 2023

As runners, we often know where to start with our run training, but what about strength training? I recommend starting with basic strength exercises and building from there. It’s also…

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How I Ran a Sub 3:30 Marathon

By Charlotte Milne | December 11, 2022

I’ve always been a runner, but I haven’t always trained. Before 2020, I had never done any training. Every run I did, I ran at the fastest pace I could…

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Online Run Coaching & Run Training Plans – Explaining the Difference

By Chris Lucas | August 24, 2022

Like anything in the online space, knowing how to choose a running coach can be a daunting process. Navigating the myriad of different options available can be overwhelming.  We are…

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