Chris Lucas


Chris Lucas

Run Coach & CMF Co-Founder

With a lifetime of Running already behind me, my Run Coaching specific story started in 2019 when I started doing some work with my now Coaching Mentor Dr Will O’Connor. Since then, I have set about dedicating my life into how I can best help Runners & Athlete’s smash their races! 

I have continued my learning with my ongoing Mentorship with Dr Will. Every fortnight we meet for ongoing sessions where I continually am upskilling and staying 100% current with all aspects of Endurance Coaching from a Sports Science perspective. Thanks to the technology we are now wearing on our wrists (fancy Garmins & the like!) and platforms such as Training Peaks, My goal is then to take these learnings and give every day Runners & Athletes like you the benefits of this Training that was once only available to the Elites- delivering it in a simple to understand fashion. And don’t worry you will understand it- I’m a simple guy who’s originally from West Auckland! 

Coaching, Mentoring, and Leadership is not new me; prior to being a Founder & Head Run Coach at CMF Running, I owned and operated a large scale distribution franchise with a famous NZ brand. Having previously been involved in that industry for a long time it saw me Mentor other Business Owners to better Business Practices & Leadership of their teams. Through the madness of my own A-Type personality (All runners have that right!?) and galvanizing my own team of 12- I was fortunate to be awarded the 2 top awards in NZ for excellence and performance. I mention this as in order to win those awards It required multiple years of high-level competition, mental capacity, leading, and mentoring to get there- skills I know are with me today as I sit down with my clients to talk about their Training!

To join the dots on my final pillar of my Coaching style, I live my life on a somewhat spiritual & holistic basis. This came about through necessity! As a young person, up until I was 25 (in 2007) I was involved heavily in drug and alcohol abuse and all the crazy life that goes with it! Thankfully, by accepting help I was able to stop everything at the age of 25, so I am now in my 16th year of being clean and sober- time flies! During this time I’ve been fortunate to again be able to help people from all walks of life on their journey by sharing my experiences, and giving inspirational talks by sharing my story. 

Combining all these aspects about myself and my life experience puts me in a unique situation to really help clients to not only get the best out of themselves physically, but also to grow as a person mentally & holistically. When someone is free- they race their best! 

Let’s Journey together!

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