Charlotte Milne

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Charlotte Milne

Run & Strength Coach

Strength Coaching since 2018, I have in recent years also grown into Run Coaching as CMF Running has continued to grow into what it is today! 

I have always been active in my life, starting at the age of 3 (yes, 3!) when I started horse riding with my Mum. I grew into competitive horse riding growing up through my school years as well as various other sports! When I was 16, I ran my first half marathon, and then continued to do a bunch of races in my late teens. In my 20’s I lost my way and went through a phase of struggling with food, training, and just life in general. As I got into my later 20’s things started to balance out for me in that respect as I started to settle into who Charlotte is, what my values are as human, and took the necessary steps to get help with these things in my life. I started Running again, and later completed my Personal Training Qualifications in 2018.

Through my various stages in life, I had always spent a lot of time in the Gym, so I’m very grateful that my 15+ years of Strength Training Experience is a strong asset to my clients that I Run Coach today. I attribute my own absent of injuries to my strong foundation in Strength, so it being able to be a part of my CMF Clients’ Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention is hugely satisfying, as we all know: Consistent, individual specific training leads to results! For me, being a good Run Coach means that I not only continually learn, but also that I draw on my life experiences in order to help others. 

I have a real keen interest in Nutrition, Clean Eating, and Regenerative Farming. I believe Nutrition played a key role in my recent 4:51:00, 11th Place finish at Tarawera 50k, and my sub 3:30:00 Marathon at Auckland in 2022.

I’m really grateful that I get to share my various Training, Coaching and Life Experiences with my Runners and Athletes that I get to Coach. If you would like to talk to me about your running, then book a free Zoom call here. Look forward to chatting!