About CMF Running

CMF Running as it is today, has evolved since around the start of the very first Lockdown back in 2020. Good timing aye!


Founded by us- Chris Lucas & Charlotte Milne- partners in life and in business, our original goal was to be more Personal Training focused- Run Coaching was not in our minds at that point! After a short time though we started being asked by runners in our networks for help with their running. The realization dawned that there was a real craving for actual Run Coaching, and not just a Training Plan with generic support. 

Chris had already started to be involved in the Run Coaching space since 2019, as well as many other forms of mentorships in life phases prior, so it became a very natural fit to combine Char’s Strength Coaching experience with Chris’ Run Coaching. From there, we’ve continually developed our Coaching through learning and gained experience.

It was fits and farts through the 2 years of Lockdowns and restrictions, events would be on and off. It made for a real trudge. But we stayed true to the vision of wanting to really Coach Runners! Once early 2022 came around Events finally started to come back with more certainty, and since that time CMF has grown into what it is becoming today: Awesome Run Coaching for Any Surface/Any Distance, and a Chilled Supportive Community!

The vision for the future of CMF involves being very NZ centered and supporting our Runners on Course at Key Events throughout the year. With the beginning of the growth of our Coaching Team with the Addition of Kim Moffat in early 2023, we’re super pumped to be bringing in a diverse skill set of CMF Coach’s to help our diverse Group of Individuals! Watch this space for more CMF Coach’s! 

We want to be a hub of all things Running & Training, we don’t have all the answers ourselves, but we can help to build a team and community that does. This is why we wanted to develop our Accredited Partners early in the piece. Sometimes knowing where to go, who to see, and what information to trust is a myriad. Our Partner Programme takes care of some of that- plus getting some discounts on some stuff helps! 

We’re super stoked about where we are so far and where we’re headed. If you want to talk to us about YOUR Running, book a Zoom Call with us and let’s talk!